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A regular feature on this site, will be a profile on an ISL forward.  The first player to be given the Ride The Pine Sharpshooter award is none other than Panthers own P.C. Drouin.

Pierre Claude is currently topping the scoring charts in Nottingham, and entertaining fans every week with his stick handling skills, and breathtaking goals.

He started his career at Cornell University, where he had four seasons playing for Big Red.  Team mate Brad Chartrand ( a Right Wing ) who played slightly more games then P.C. and registered a few more points, made his NHL debut last season with the L.A.Kings and played 50 games returning 6+6.

P.C. had already made the step up to the NHL in 1996/7 when he was taken from AHL team Charlotte Bruins to play for Boston Bruins where he played 3 games, without any points.

His Grandfather Guy LaBrie had played for Boston in 1943/44.  As a d-man he registered 2 plus 7 for 2 pims in 15 games, before moving on to the New York Rangers in 1944/5 where he posted 2 plus 2 for 14 pims in 27 games.

After his brief spell in the NHL Drouin moved to Charlotte Checkers where he scored 21 goals and 46 assists in 62 games in the ECHL. He also played 7 games for 2 assists in the AHL with Providence Bruins.

The 1998/99 season saw him move to Bracknell where he scored 12 plus 21 in 42 games.  The following season he led Bracknell to their first ISL league championship with 15 goals and 29 assists in 40 games, scoring a further 2 goals and 3 assists in 6 play off games.

In a total of 297 games, P.C has scored 91 goals and 158 assists, at an average of  .84 pts a game, and totalled 297 penalty minutes, at an average of 1 a game.

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